Where Can CNA’s Work?

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More and more nurses are using technology to become more effective practitioners, and further their careers by taking nursing classes online.

There are many opportunities for employment as a CNA. From nursing homes to hospitals, you will most likely find a CNA present! Although you may find CNA’s in many settings, only nursing homes are required to have a CNA on staff. All other places of employment do not require a CNA.

Now let’s look at the most likely places where you will find CNA’s!

Hospital: A Hospital is one of the most common places you will find a CNA working, though most common in a Hospital with a large amount of patients.

Nursing Homes – Under Federal law it is required to have CNA’s on duty at a Nursing home. Nursing homes require skilled workers to handle their patients. CNA’s can expect to find themselves working very hard, and learning a lot of valuable training in this type of setting. These jobs often offer full time positions and benefits.

Home Health – Another popular place for a CNA to work is directly in a patients home. This allows the patient to feel comfortable and secure within the confines of their own home. This position is often one of the most sought after, due to it’s easier workload and having a 1 on 1 setting with their patient.

Medical Transcription – This is another popular area for CNA’s. During this type of job you will be expected to convert the medical reports given to you by doctors into official medical documents. This job takes place in an office setting and is less stressful than many other CNA positions.

The List above is the most common places of employment for CNA’s. There are also many other areas for which a CNA can find work. When you take CNA classes online one thing to remember is that regardless of the workplace, a CNA is expected to go through state certification and will be expected to pass the exam boards before being licensed. It is hard work and has a high turnover rate, but if you stick with it and find a good place to work, it will pay off!

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