Do CNA’s Interact with Doctors?


A CNA is Certified Nurse’s Assistant. It is an important job that assists the Registered Nurse or RN with what they have to do. They are in charge of numerous duties that change depending on the space they work in. Therefore it is important to carefully consider your options when selecting CNA classes online or researching local CNA courses in which to gain your state certification.

Where CNA’s Work

The CNA job description is similar to a Medical Assistant. In some cases a Doctor’s office will hire a CNA in place of or to assist the MA. In this case they would interact with the Doctor. CNA’s would be charged with cleaning the patient rooms; ushering the patients from the waiting room to the examination room; taking vital signs such as height, weight, blood pressure and temperature. They may also log in lab test results in the charts and file the charts away. In an office, they may be asked to help the front office staff as well as the back lab. The only difference between the MA and CNA is that the CNA does not take blood or perform certain lab tests and nor do they work in the lab as a lab-tech. Many CNA’s that wish to go forth and make a better salary will in effect further their education and become a lab tech or MA. In this case the interaction with the doctor will be far more often but for the most part CNA’s interact with doctors in at least 50% of the time if they are in a doctor’s office assisting the doctor in the examination room with the patient. They may have to hold or hand equipment out as the doctor works on the patient.

What that equipment is depends largely upon what type of office it is. For example, there are some differences between a pediatric office and a geriatric office or an OBGYN.

Other Areas a CNA may Work In

CNA’s are similar to Licensed Practical Nurses or LPN’s in the way of what they can do. Some CNA’s can administer drugs and shots just as an LPN can. So, doctor interaction will be varied depending on what the CNA is licensed for doing.

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